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About Nana

Welcome to Adventures with Nana. To my family, I’m Nana. The rest of the world calls me Diana. During my early years art, travel and the desire to write played major roles in shaping my life, the interest in art and the written word came from my grandmother, who graduated from college in 1896.  My grandmother would read to me for hours.

Waking up in the back seat of the family station wagon at age seven began my fascination with travel.  My Dad traveled for his work.  Mom and I would go with him.  By the time I was 13, I had been in every state east of the Mississippi except for Florida.  From the rock bound coast of Maine to Southern Civil War battlefields, travel made history and geography alive and real, not just something from a textbook.

 A few decades later and after navigating life’s highway with all the twists, turns, pitfalls, detours and delayed flights, I returned to college and got bachelor’s degree in Recreation with a focus on travel, tourism and special events.  My goal was to put my graphics and writing together as a writer, editor and designer of a variety of publications.  For my internship project, I worked with Strategies, a marketing company, creating Arizona Legacy, a cultural, heritage guidebook which inspired the section of this website, Legacy, what we leave to our grandchildren.

Another section of this website, Celebration, grew out of working for a greeting card company and doing special events.  I enjoy the celebration of my family’s and friends’ events and am always looking for unique ways to make those days special.

I hope you enjoy Adventures with Nana.  All can be summed up with the words that are engraved on a beautiful heart shaped necklace that was given to me – “My favorite people call me Nana.”

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